1960 - Vern Law

Reproduction Cover signed by Vern Law care of home address 2/18/04

1961 - "The New York Giants"

Reproduction cover signed by Y.A. Tittle

1962 -"The Winning Giants"

Reproduction cover signed by Frank Gifford c/o Home Address March 2005.

1962 - "Baseball Issue"

Reproduction Cover - Signed by Frank Lary

1963 - "Pitching But No Pennant for Pittsburgh"

Reproduction cover signed by Elroy Face care of home address. Received 2/17/04

1963 - "The Tangled American League"

Reproduction cover signed by Ken Berry c/o Home Address. Received 3/12/04

1963 - "The Series - A Vote for the Left"

Original Issue No Mailing Label - Signed by Al Downing c/o Home + Whitey Ford Kids Foundation

1964 - "Baseball Issue"

Original Issue No Mailing Label - Signed by Sandy Koufax with Rare WS MVP Inscription c/o Online Authentics

1964 -"Pennant Fever after 14 Years"

Reproduction Cover signed by Johnny Callison care of home address. Received 2/18/04

1964 - "Dark of the Giants

Signed by Alvin Dark but inscribed it to the wrong person.

1965 - "The Phillies - Old and New"

Reproduction cover signed by Jim Bunning c/o Home Address. Received 4/3/04.

1965 - "Minnesota Drives for the Pennant"

Original Issue - Signed by Tony Oliva. Sent 8/11/03; Received 8/18/03 c/o Home

1965 - "Run for the Flag"

Reproduction cover signed by Maury Wills c/o Maury Wills Company. 3/13/04

1967 - "The Hotshot Kids"

Reproduction Cover - Signed by Andy Etchbarren

1967 - "Detroit Tigers Stalk a Pennant"

Reproduction cover signed by Al Kaline c/o Detroit Tigers 6/1/04.

1967 - "Quarterback on the Run"

Reproduction Cover - Signed by Fran Tarkenton

1967 - "That St. Louis Spirit"

Reproduction cover signed by Tim McCarver c/o Home Address 02/04.

1968 - "Who is Deep Enough to Win?"

Reproduction cover signed by Earl Morrall.

1968 - "The Movin Mets"

Reproduction Cover - Signed by Ron Swaboda c/o Home